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Tinkerbell Is A Ding-a-ling

Tinkerbell Is A Ding-a-ling5 Star Rating
Tinkerbell Is A Dingaling
"Tinkerbell Is A Ding-a-ling" Is A Breathtaking Child's Book

A collection of jokes and riddles, including "What's the one thing all plumbers do? Put a drain on your wallet."
You should get a copy of Tinkerbell Is A Ding-a-ling an outstanding child's book by Roy Doty. Written by Roy Doty and it was published on the 1st of April, 1980 by Doubleday. In the library the reference number is PN6371.5.D64. This version is the 1st ed. of the child's book and it is full of colorfully illustrated pictures.

Doubleday, Tinkerbell Is A Ding-a-ling. tinkerbell ding-a-ling collection jokes riddles including

Price: $102.74
Brand: Doubleday
ISBN: 0385134916
Author: Roy Doty

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A collection of jokes and riddles, which includes"What's the 1 factor all plumbers do?"Put a drain on your wallet. Tinkerbell Is A Dingaling

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