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Tinker Bell: An Evolution (disney Editions Deluxe (film))

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Tinker Bell An Evolution

Disney Editions

Author: Melinda Johnson

Your children will love this fantastic book by Melinda Johnson. Written by Melinda Johnson and it was published on the 1st of October, 2013 by Disney Editions. The book is 192 pages long. For more information on this child's book, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.

How did Tinker Bell get her name? During the early 1900s, vagabonds usually identified as tinkers traveled from town to town, performing jack-of-all-trade repair services. Tinker Bell: An Evolution could be a full biography inside the fiery little fairy. The book is heavily illustrated, very detailed, and will make the perfect gift for every single grown-up who believes in fairies. Designed in collaboration with all of the Animation Research library, it consists of artwork that has never been seen before. In J. M. Barrie's original version from the play"Peter Pan,"the little sprite's name was Tippytoe, and she had speaking lines. One particular of these"tinker bells"was used to give Peter's fairy friend her voice in the original stage production, and also the name stuck. She is now the center of a main Disney franchise, she flies by way of the skies in Orlando and Anaheim introducing the nightly fireworks displays, and she opens each and every Walt Disney Pictures film having a sprinkling of pixie dust. Now, much more than a hundred years later, it is tough to think that this popular pixie started as a circle of lamplight, reflected in a mirror controlled by a stage hand behind the curtains. Their arrival was hailed by the jingling of bells fashioned from tin that they mounted on their wagons. But over time, Barrie decided that the fairy's expressions could be best voiced by musical chimes.


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