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Disney Fairies, Tinker Bell: Best Friends Forever Scrapbook Kit

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Disney Fairies

Publications International

Author: Editors of Publications International Ltd.

Children love Disney Fairies, Tinker Bell: Best Friends Forever Scrapbook Kit. The author is Editors of Publications International Ltd. and the publisher is Publications International. This children's book became available sometime in January of 2011. The book has 48 pages. To see the discount I found, click on the link on this site.

The Tinker Bell Best Friends Forever Scrapbook Activity Set consists of anything needed for kids to generate a personal journal/scrapbook. The set includes more than 400 pieces. The Disney Storybook Artists developed the colorful illustrations and artwork for the Tinker Bell Finest Friends Forever Scrapbook Activity Set. Kids can fill their Tinker Bell scrapbooks with special mementos like drawings, small photos, birthday coloring book pages, and favorite fairy souvenirs something they desire to save. 1 sturdy pocket to hold modest keepsakes and mementos. Here can be a list of everything you get: 48 decorated scrapbook pages with fill-in-the-blanks, quizzes, journaling suggestions, fairy stories, activities, and crafts. Designed for girls ages 6 and older, the spiral-bound, glittering Tinker Bell-themed scrapbook set functions fill-in pages to write favorite memories, spaces to attach photos, fun activities, and blank pages for doodles and daydreams. Girls will love exploring their creative side with Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies. 5 sticker sheets with hundreds of colorful stickers, which includes Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies, flowers, hearts, alphabet stickers, and photo corners. 1 punch-out stencil sheet with templates for two shadow creators.


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